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ANJC’s Legal Assistance Program to Alaska Native Victims of Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

How Can We Assist You

If you have ever been physically, emotionally or sexually abused by your partner or are seeking assistance with a civil legal issue related to family law such as divorce, separation, child custody, support or a protective order, ANJC’s Legal Assistance to Victims Program may be able to assist you with civil legal representation or advocacy assistance.

You may visit our office to complete an intake form.
We are located at the CITC Service Center (3600 San Jeronimo Drive, Ste. 264).

Currently, the LAV Program is not accepting new clients.

The Importance of ANJC’s Legal Assistance to Victims Program:

Alaska has the highest rate of sexual assault and domestic violence (2.84 times the national average). This is compounded by the fact that sexual assault and domestic violence against Alaska Native women is 9.7 times higher than women of other ethnicities. To respond to the increasing problem, ANJC established the Ch’ani yet, Legal Assistance for Victims (LAV) Program in 2008.

There are many factors that often cause Alaska Natives to be re-victimized in the court process, some of which include:

Lack of access to legal services designed to address victims’ needs.
Unawareness of how to obtain the needed legal services.
Inability to afford legal representation.

There are only three pro bono legal aid agencies in Anchorage available to provide needed legal services to low-income victims of sexual assault/domestic violence. All of these agencies are highly limited in the number of cases they can accept, and none except ANJC (in combination with CITC) offer a broader range of services that particularly assist Alaska Native DV/SA victims.

For more LAC Program information or assistance, please contact the ANJC office: 907.793.3550