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How ANJC’s Adult Reentry Program Can Assist You:

The Adult Reentry Program involves the use of services targeted at promoting the effective reintegration of offenders back to communities upon release. Reentry programming, which involves a comprehensive case management approach, is intended to assist offenders in acquiring positive life skills necessary to succeed in the community. The Alaska Native Justice Center offers both pre- and post-release services for particpants enrolled in six-month program.

Pre-Release Services Include:

Participant Orientation

Individualized Case Management

Individualized Transition Planning

Employment and Workforce Assistance

Housing Assistance

Transportation Vouchers

The Adult Re-entry Program currently works in the Palmer Correctional Center & Hiland Mountain Correctional Center providing pre-release services.

Post-Release Services Include:

Participant Orientation

Individualized Case Management

Moral Recognition Therapy®

Transitional Mentor & Peer-to-Peer Support Group(s)

Resources for alcohol and other drug rehabilitation

Vocational Training and Work Program Assistance

Housing Assistance

Transportation & Bus Vouchers

Community Service Participation

The Adult Reentry Program assists participants in developing greater self-esteem, responsible attitudes, positive new habits and conditioning to successfully transition into the community and reduce the rate of re-offending. This program is intended for individauls who are 180 days pre- and post-release in the Municipality of Anchorage service area.

The Importance of Adult Reentry:

According to a study by the Alaska Judicial Council, 66% of offenders are back in custody within three years of release. Most of these individuals return to prison in the first six months.

The ANJC’s Adult Reentry Program funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Second Chance Act (SCA) grant works in collaboration with the State of Alaska Department of Corrections (SOA DOC) to guide participants in proactively addressing the barriers they may face during the transition from prison back into the community.

For more information about ANJC’s Adult Reentry Program,
please contact the ANJC office at 907.793.3550 or email